3S Development

AXCIOMA offers a Standardized, Simple and Safe (3S) development environment for your applications.

By supporting the OMG IDL to C++11 language mapping AXCIOMA provides a standardized API based on the C++11 programming language and C++11 standard library. These together enable a very short learning period for your developers which enables them to be productive fast.

AXCIOMA provides development tooling that strives to generate as much (template) code as possible leaving only the details for your developers to fill in. Regeneration support makes maintaining even those parts as simple as possible.

The state of the art C++11 features leveraged by AXCIOMA help your developers to be less error prone and make memory management easy.

With the Execution Framework extension AXCIOMA even provides an environment where developers do not have to concern themselves with concurrency and reentrancy issues anymore while still maintaining full scalability options.

Incremental Development

AXCIOMA provides an architecture ideally suited for incremental or iterative ("Agile") development.

Components can be developed and tested separately from each other in consecutive or parallel interactions. Connections can initially be tested locally, moving to remote, distributed scenarios later in the game without having to change anything to the component implementation.

Component implementations can also easily be incrementally developed, completing and/or enhancing the implementation over multiple iterations without directly affecting other components.

Model Driven Development

The AXCIOMA component based architecture also provides excellent opportunities for integration with a model driven development approach.

The BRIX11 scaffolding tool provides support for project creation, maintenance and building based on abstracted project and interface definitions making your projects more platform independent.

On an even higher abstraction level, several Model Driven Development (MDD) tools are available that support the IDL and deployment models used by AXCIOMA. These MDD tools enable you to graphically model your system and generate all needed IDL files and deployment plans.