AXCIOMA features a highly scalable architecture. The Component Based Architecture provides you with:

Vertical scalability

AXCIOMA enables you to easily scale single nodes up or down as your application’s needs change.

Functionality of a single node may be extended by deploying additional components supporting the extended functionality required.

Throughput of a single node may be enhanced by deploying additional component instances providing additional service endpoints.

The Execution Framework extension enables multiple concurrency options to regulate and streamline concurrent event handling on a single node.

Horizontal scalability

The distributed nature of the AXCIOMA Component Based Architecture provides excellent support for scaling your application’s resources to changing requirements.

Components can be easily redistributed over an extended set of nodes or concentrated in a diminished set by updating the deployment plan without any implementation changes.

New or obsolete components can be added to or removed from the deployment plan as needed without directly affecting the other components in the system.


The standards based and modular Component Based Architecture of AXCIOMA enhances your system’s reliability:

  • By enabling you to independently update or replace single components without impacting the rest of the system

  • By providing reliable interoperability through the use of well defined interfaces and standards based development

  • By reducing complexity through encapsulation, modularity, separation of concerns and the establishment of hierarchical component dependencies

  • By improving quality through reuse, test and maintenance at the component level instead of at the system level

  • By enhancing your options to maintain your application over time and changing requirements as the inherently loosely coupled architecture supports reuse and extensibility at the component level instead of at the system level