AXCIOMA Background

The development of large scale, complex, distributed software systems puts ever more strain on the ability of companies to control development and maintenance costs. For that reason architectures that promote separation of concerns, loose coupling and reuse have been designed.

The OMG CORBA Component Model (CCM) is a component based architecture intended to improve the possibilities for development of complex distributed systems as described above. read more…​

In the CCM specification Component Based Architecture (CBA) is applied to the design and implementation of distributed applications. In these systems component interaction is not (exclusively) in-process but rather in large part between processes located either on the same computing node or on different nodes. read more…​

The AXCIOMA Execution Framework (ExF) provides developers full concurrency control for component based applications. read more…​

Introducing AXCIOMA

To start the introduction of AXCIOMA for application developers we will begin with a familiar "Hello World" type example. We’ll use this example mostly to show you how easy AXCIOMA tooling makes it for you to create a distributed component based application. read more…​

In our first introduction article we have created the familiar "Hello World" type of example. In this second article we are going to demonstrate how easy it is to make a component that receives events. For the realization of the event based interaction we are going to use the DDS based interaction support. read more…​

In this third article we creating an application that is going to publish events using DDS based event interaction support with a configurable interval. read more…​