Open Architecture

AXCIOMA supports the design, development, and deployment of a distributed Component Based Architecture (CBA). It is the component framework enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

With AXCIOMA your applications can use a reliable architecture providing:


AXCIOMA’s component base architecture combined with it’s dynamically configurable deployment tooling provides you virtually unlimited possibilities for composing your application.

Business components can be combined as required and deployed in combination with connectors providing the middleware support as needed.

AXCIOMA provides excellent support for DDS, CORBA, and ZeroMQ middleware out of the box but alternative connector implementations for custom or future middleware implementations can be added and seamlessly integrated.

The deployment tooling supports dynamic extension with any common infrastructure components your use case may require.


It’s highly modular architecture with clean separation of concerns makes AXCIOMA ideally adaptable to your growing or changing requirements.

Separation of interaction pattern implementation into "connector" components makes the concrete middleware implementation used a deployment decision instead of an implementation decision allowing you to adapt to changing conditions.

Composition of component assemblies allows the use of complex reusable and configurable application implementation units by deployment time aggregation instead of implementation time making reuse and/or reconfiguration of existing business code implementations easier and faster to do.


AXCIOMA allows your application to grow with you through time.

The modular, distributed architecture allows your applications to easily scale according to your changing needs.

As requirements or technologies change you will be able to keep your application up to date by simply replacing or updating one or some components instead of updating an entire application.

Carefully designed components can outlast applications. As an application is phased out your components can live on by reusing them in (an) other application(s).