Feature Overview

Feature Supported

RIDL IDL Parser-Generator

BRIX11 Scaffolding Tool

CIAOX11 Core Framework

   CIF Core

   Standard Component Container

   Standard Installation Handlers

   Standard Deployment Interceptors

DnCX11 Infrastructure

   Deployment Managers

   Standard Fault Management

   Deployment Plan Tools

   Artifact Installation Repository

   Artifact Installation Handlers

Interaction Patterns

   Synchronous Request-Reply

   Asynchronous Request-Reply



   Timed Trigger

Middleware Connectors

   CORBA Request-Reply



      DDS (RTI Connext© DDS)

      ZeroMQ *

      MQTT **

      DDS (OpenDDS) **


      DDS (RTI Connext© DDS)

      DDS (OpenDDS) **

   Timer Connector

Execution Framework **

   ExF Scheduler-Dispatcher

   ExF Deadline Monitor

   ExF Component Container

   ExF Installation Handlers

   ExF CORBA Connector

   ExF CORBA AMI Connector

   ExF Event Connector

   ExF State Connector

   ExF Timer Connector

* Currently under development and scheduled for release Q2 2020

** Requires customer sponsoring for release into open source and completion