AXCIOMA adds support for ZeroMQ

Remedy IT, a provider of Interoperable Open Architecture for IIoT and distributed, real-time and embedded systems, announces the support for ZeroMQ as part of AXCIOMA.

ZeroMQ is integrated as part of the event PSDD4CCM pattern which is similar to the DDS4CCM event support. PSDD4CCM supports multiple middleware implementations often used in IIoT environments. Currently PSDD4CCM supports ZeroMQ our of the box. MQTT support is available on request.

By combining PSDD4CCM and DDS4CCM connectors AXCIOMA can also be used to bridge/route IIoT environments to corporate/production environments with little effort. Since PSDD4CCM and DDS4CCM both use IDL defined types, data can simply be passed on from a PSDD4CCM receiving end to a DDS4CCM publishing end without need for conversion.

PSDD4CCM provides support for user defined data serialization such that an AXCIOMA application can be easily integrated with non-AXCIOMA IIoT devices or applications (an example has been provided).

Applications requiring a (simple) event pattern without need for state or requiring integration with common IIoT protocols can generate and deploy type specific PSDD4CCM connector instances collocated with specific business components to connect event data to business processes.